Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

This is grossly overdue but I thought it's worth posting. We've been running like crazy in the new, tricked out minivan. In fact, we're all about minivans now! (Not really but it is considerably easier to cart these miniature grown-ups around.) I've got a couple new posts half written. They may stay unfinished forever but that won't be the goal. Granny and Bill took the reins last weekend for almost 30 hours while I dashed up to Massachusetts to be in attendance at the going away/retirement party for Jack and Gail (aka Gram and Poppy). They both did a remarkable job!

It was bittersweet to say good-bye to the one place in the world I'll always consider my home. I know we'll visit and, of course, bring the kids -- I owe all the fine people of Wrentham who have pulled for us every step of this journey -- but it won't ever be exactly the same. I walked through the house at 60 Stoney Brook Lane one last time and touched the walls, sweetly recalling all the wonderful memories we'll always cherish. Everything I ever needed to know to become who I am today, I learned there. As we raise our children, I realize how important that village really is, and as I drove up around the circle and up the hill of my street, I wished for my children that a place like Wrentham will fall in their little laps much as it fell into mine. Because to grow up as loved and cared for as my brother and I were is the greatest gift any child could ever be given. If I could have, I would have wrapped my arms around the house, kiss it good-bye and say a great big thank you.

Now Gram and Poppy have safely arrived to their new home where the garage door fell off its hinges, the water wasn't working and the lights downstairs were off... not the smooth transition one would hope for their parents who selflessly retired and changed their lives to help us! I can report all problems have been fixed and their furniture will arrive tonight. Gail is thrilled to have her first coat closet and in the master a walk-in closet. Jack is patiently waiting for his plasma TV to show up before he goes insane. He informed us last night that he hadn't seen sports for five days! My heart breaks for him when he realizes NESN is a thing of the past and it's all YES Network from here on out.

We tried to be at their house with these beautiful, smiling babies when they arrived, but they walked in to three little screamers who didn't like being out of their familiar surroundings. I guess I should have known how that would go. To them we say, "Welcome home," and, "Here are the kids; we'll be taking a quick nap." (That was just a joke)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Braddock and Julia

Griffin and his favorite lamb

Where to begin? The past week and a half is a complete blur. Today we have six-month-old babies and I can't quite figure out how that could be. Of course, with their adjusted age, they are only three months but still they were born six months ago! I understand what parents mean when they warn you how fast it goes.

What have we been up to? Some highlights: We had two triplet mothers visit us on Monday! Two moms who truly understand what our life is like, and their babies are now 13 and 15, so they made it. They were both in great shape, didn't look like they haven't slept in days, no throw up all over them, was the reassurance I needed. I saw pictures of their beautiful kids -- both have two boys and a little lady just like us. It was a great couple hours. And if that wasn't enough excitement in one week, yesterday it was 60 lovely degrees so we went for a walk. We got two feet out the door and some neighbors, who have been patiently waiting to meet our crew, raced outside to see them. We walked about an hour with another neighbor and her baby. It was great to see the light of day. Also, last week I successfully took all three of my minis to the doctor without any help. It worked just fine and wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined. We have a fantastic doctor and someone met me outside to carry one in -- I guess that means I didn't really do it myself now doesn't it?

On a sad note, tomorrow we are purchasing a minivan (oh, the shame). We swore we weren't minivan people (absolutely no offense to those who are) and we tried about every car known to man that would be big enough for our three babies. The result: we are, in fact, minivan people. So just like that, we give up. The doctor told me I need a van power sliding doors when she carried one of the babies out of the office for me on Friday. I balked at such nonsense but, alas, she was right. So tomorrow, I'll pick up the big, white albatross. I'll try not to cry. Probably I'll wear my Mom jeans when I go to the dealership. And as soon as I drive away, I'm going to kiss goodbye all my preconceived notions of what minivans aren't and tell myself it is a cool car. It's not and I know it, but convenience has to outweigh cool. We're one baby too many to care about what we used to like. Maybe I'll love it if I give it a chance. I hear from all who drive these things (I can't even say minivan again because I want to throw up in my mouth) that they LOVE them for the ease of use. Okay, okay, enough already, I know. I'll let you know how it goes. I shouldn't need therapy for very long at all.

I still have not posted any updated video. I can't apologize enough for that. One day, I swear.

As for a weight update, as of Friday last week, Braddock - 14 lbs 3 oz, Griffin - 14 lbs 1 oz and Julia 13 lbs 4 oz. They are grabbing at everything now and they love to play in the activity gym and the new jumperoo toy we've got. They prefer to be entertained so I we have puppet shows and dance-offs, sing-a-longs.... you name it, I try it. I had Baby Einstein on for at least an hour yesterday and I felt bad about it but sometimes I just need a break. Solid foods are coming right down the pike. Oh, and they basically sleep through the night 7-7 am without the need to eat. This is new so I won't elaborate just in case I have to eat my words. The sleep makes everything almost easy.

More soon

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dog Days of Winter

Would you believe this is very first picture of me with all three at once?

Griffin is in blue

Julia looks just like her brothers here.

Has it been so long since I showed up here and posted something? It's like I have my hands full or something. As I type this Griffin is whining, Julia is playing, and Braddock is sleeping. It's been a rough week because we switched formula. They no longer need the preemie calorie-packed formula because of their large-ness! So it was time and we did the half-and-half mix and gradually went with the total switch. It wasn't exactly a smooth transition, lots of screaming and irritability. It's been about a week and, finally, it seems all are getting used to it. I think the fact that the new stuff is less filling was the problem. I'm glad we shouldn't have to switch again. I remember when we left the breast milk for formula, but that didn't seem as bad. Then again, they were smaller then and more compliant.

Today there's a lovely snow falling outside and poor Finn just wants to go out and play. I wish I could explain to him that I want to play with him, but it's really against the law for me to leave the kids unattended. He just lays in his bed in front of the slider and sighs every once in a while. It breaks my heart because he didn't sign up for any of this. He thinks I don't know that he keeps sneaking upstairs to lay on our bed. I do know but don't have the heart to yell at him for that, too. His best friend/dog walker came to see the babies yesterday and he just didn't get why she was holding Julia when she could be holding him. He has even helped me calm babies down lately. We've had a few moments when everybody was screaming and he chooses a baby, goes over to them and lays his head on their legs trying to calm them down. It even worked for a few minutes until I could get there. Dogs are brilliant; I don't care what anybody says.

No real tricks to speak of. They are taking notice of each other a lot and smiling and cooing back and forth. I try to catch it on video, but the second I turn it on, they notice and stop to look at me. I'm determined to share that with you -- so funny to see babies talking to each other -- actually taking turns as if it's a serious conversation. I keep thinking Griffin is surely going to roll over from his stomach to his back but he comes so close and then gives up. He is such a fidget and getting more and more talkative every day. Braddock has gotten used to his casts and moves them all around when he's playing. They are so bulky. I cringe when I hear them smash on something but he never seems bothered by it. On the 18th they come off for good and we will celebrate with a fantastic bath for him. Julia puts her whole hand in her mouth constantly and drools like crazy. They all are drooling but she has to keep a bib on all day long. I just looked over and she was sucking her thumb. She wants my attention so I best cut this short.

I do have some video to post and I will do that in the very near future.