Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twick or Tweet

It was a great day for the cutest garden gnomes you've ever seen. Honestly, I didn't think we'd trick-or-treat for more than 15 minutes. I didn't think they'd wear their costumes and I certainly didn't think that they'd be running up to strangers' doors saying things like "twick or tweet" and "happy Halloween" and even an occasional "thank you."

I'm amazed and exhausted. The kids went to bed at 7:00 and it's 7:37 now and as soon as I post these pics, I'm done. We started the day at the Griffin's house about noon. We went there and to their parents' house down the street. They played in the leaves and ate pretzels and lollipops and then we went to the Duncan's house. There we went from house to house to house to house... At each house I waited for them to lose interest, but it didn't happen. It was cool and windy and they didn't care at all. Each new piece of candy ended up in their mouths with the wrapper on it. When that didn't work, it ended up in their pumpkin carrier. Sometimes one of them actually got through the wrapper, and I had to quickly fish it out of their mouth, unwrap it and give it back. Julia tried one piece, the wrapper wouldn't open, and she threw it onto the ground in disgust. We picked it up before the gracious homeowner saw. At another house they were giving out Skittles, and Julia let them know she didn't like them. Griffin tried to go into every house we stopped at. He was successful at one right before we finished. Braddock had our only casualty of the day. He slipped on a step and cut his chin and bit his lip. We asked for ice and a magic band-aid appeared, and on we went no worse for the wear. And on they went. At a couple houses, they found the watering cans and attempted to water their flowers. I said they were in character. Garden gnomes taking care of their designated area.

Our last stop was Gram and Poppy's house and they had pizza and more candy. They usually knock over lamps and tables but on this night, they were pretty tame. Gram showed them all a Halloween video individually and we heard squeals and cheers and "again, again." From there, Halloween was finished for 2010. We were home in time to wash everybody down, brush their teeth, and let them come down from the sugar high in time for bed. Nobody fought sleep tonight. They had such a great Halloween. I can only imagine how they'll feel about Christmas.

Hope every ghost and goblin had as much fun as our gnomes. Happy Halloween!