Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day 2010

If I wait to finish writing this post, I'll never get it out there. So forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. My little swimmers have been frolicking in the warmth of June! They've enjoyed their new outdoor space (four play yards put together to keep them safe while they play)! There's a little whale pool/sprinkler that is providing hours of entertainment for them. We are just biding our time until the lake we joined opens for the season (June 13) They love the WAH-DUR!

From this picture, you would think that Griffin (on the left) was sitting well and posing and that Braddock and Julia weren't that happy. As always, pictures are deceiving. Griff got up every time I turned around, trying to run in the yard to play. It was Sammy's 3rd birthday and we went to their house in New York to visit. The kids had a ball in the fenced-in yard filled with a bouncy castle, awesome swing set, water table, play kitchen and so much more. Julia learned to saying Seanie and she was in awe of her big cousin. This was the 25th and still daily she's asking about Seanie at least ten times a day!
I'm completely blown away by everything they are learning, all the words they say, the skills they acquire. It's incredible. Julia started calling Griffin Kiki -- not sure why-- and Braddock Bracky. She can say Griffin now and it's usually Griffy. Griffin said Julia recently which much be the most difficult to say because we've been waiting on that one. The three of them played catch with the ball Friday. It couldn't have been cuter to watch. We had to reign them back in as the whole concept of sharing isn't innate at this age. One would catch the ball and before they'd throw it to the next, they'd be on their way to the corner to hide the treasure.

Every day we see moments of the chaos that is rapidly becoming the norm. There are pushing incidents and tug-o-war matches for coveted item du jour. We could 25 of the same toy and they'd still want the one that the other is playing with. There are tantrums (which can be very funny) daily. With three toddlers, our lives are flying by and we're just trying to hold on for the ride. They are once-a-day nappers now. I'm crying inside as I state that fact. Coloring is the favorite activity right now. They all say CUDER and if they see a crayon or paper it's as if the world stops and they start yelling, "CUDER, CUDER" and there's a mad scramble to get the paper taped to the table, the crayons out and the kids in their chairs to start the creative process! And another big thing now is flowers or as they call them FLOWDER. They like to smell them even if its just a picture of one. We were playing with chalk on the driveway and I drew a flower. Had I know that all three would smash their noses right into the concrete to smell it, I'd have thought twice! The best was after the sniff Braddock looks up at me and says, "MMM Good." Amazing.

I'm happy to report that the biting is getting much less frequent. It still happens but nothing like it was. Other than Griffin's short stay at the hospital for mono and then the cold we all got -- probably picked that up at the hospital thank you very much germs-- things have been going just fine for us. Exhausting all the time but just fine. I didn't really understand why when I was carrying triplets or when they were babies why people always said, "God Bless You" immediately. Now I get it. Babies are so easy compared to curious toddlers.