Friday, August 28, 2009

Our First Photographs

Since they were turning one, we decided it was time to have the kids photographed. We did a search and found After just a quick look, we knew we had to have her shoot them! She does such beautiful work and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. The experience was wonderful and really easy -- not a word we use too often with three babies doing anything together. It was very hot that day and it had just rained so you don't see all the mud they were sitting in! We'd pick them up to change them and they were covered so between changes, we were using all the wipes to remove mud. They'd never even seen candy before and here they were holding lollipops -- I was cringing worrying about all those artificial dyes and flavors touching their lips! And I kept thinking what if they are allergic -- what a Mom I am, when push comes to shove, I was willing for look the other way just for the perfect shot. The biggest danger wasn't the high fructose corn syrup but the fact that they kept trying to chew on the sticks -- well, not really chew, shove them down their throats. All turned out fine in the end and besides needing a good bath, they seemed to really enjoyed it. I thought for sure they would be fussy but that wasn't the case at all. There are too many beautiful pics to post right now but here are some of my favorites. Notice how Griffin is holding up three fingers in the last one. It was too perfect!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Pictures

This is our friend Angela blowing out the candles for her favorite triplets! It was her birthday, too, and she chose to spend the day with us celebrating the kids. Admittedly the pictures here are out of order but I'm just throwing them on to share. It's dinner time so I really need to run downstairs. Our one-year-olds are enjoying as the celebration continues. We've been to the pool four times in the last week. They can't get enough of the water and it is so hot, so it's perfect for us! Okay, more later. We had a nice time celebrating, and it was a Royal Celebration just as we'd hoped!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Letter to my Babies as They Turn One

My little dears, all three, no one first, no one last:

Today you turned one. I've avoided writing this letter to you all day because as I type it, I can barely see through the tears pouring out of my eyes, and I can't swallow past the lump in my throat. Interestingly, your Mommy isn't sad at all. I'm so filled with love and gratitude to all three of you. If babies can be heroes -- and I truly believe they can-- you three are mine. At this time last year, your father and I watched you struggle, your tiny chests fighting for every single breath. It scared us in ways we could never have imagined until we laid our eyes on you. From those early, frightening moments, you have done nothing but fill us with pride every minute since. And let me tell you, there is no gift in this world more precious than being your parents.

This year has passed faster than any year I've ever had. I feel like it was only moments ago that you were less than three pounds, your faces half the size of the palm of my hand. We had to learn to care for preemies so small, but little by little you grew, got stronger. Those days in the NICU are burned into my memory as if they just happened. In the blink of an eye, we were taking you home. First Julia, then Braddock two days after Julia, and finally Griffin two weeks later (just exactly the order in which you were born). We were up every three hours day and night to feed you, change you, soothe you -- tired beyond anything I had ever experienced before. In another blink, you slept through the night. However tired I was, there was a peacefulness in those moments in the middle of the night that I will cherish the memory of for the rest of my life. You were so little I could hold you all at once. The almost inaudible sighs you made as you were falling back asleep, I still hear sometimes and I smile. Yet another blink and you were rolling over, eating cereal, sitting up, crawling, standing. Bit by bit you have turned into these big, healthy babies who aren't really babies any more. That fills me with pride and breaks my heart all at the same time.

This year with you, I can say unequivocally, has been the very best year of my whole life. It was not nearly as overwhelming or as difficult as I'd imagined while I waited for you to be born. (that's not to say I didn't have difficult moments where I was overwhelmed -- every Mommy has felt that way. Luckily, those moments pass.) You have filled my days with wonder and excitement. For a woman who is always ready to move on to the next thing, you've made it very easy to stay right here with you all day every day, and I know how lucky I am to be able to do that. Not only did I get to spend this year caring for you, I also got to spend it with my Mom and Dad, and that has been the main reason I haven't felt overwhelmed. It had been a long time since I got to see them on a daily basis, and I've truly loved having them here helping us. (I think they've loved being with you, too.)

My children, thank you simply for being you. As you continue to grow, learn and explore this great big world, my only wish for you is a simple one: Buddha says, (and I'm not quoting exactly here)Love the whole world as a Mother loves her child. If you can do that -- knowing what I've learned this year, the love I feel for you three children -- I promise you can never lose!

Happy 1st Birthday.
I love you,