Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy (belated) Earth Day

Some shots of the babies in their organic cotton for Earth Day! I love the first one; this is Julia's new, "I have two teeth and I like to feel them" face. We have happy little babies who are enjoying their first taste of summer.
A special thanks to Granny and Andrea and Pam who babysat all day yesterday while Bill and I were at Yankee Stadium so I could work captioning the Joel Osteen "Night of Hope." It was a long day for us and a longer day for Granny and Co.! It was easy for me to go to work knowing they were in such loving hands.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Updated family photo

We'd like to have a nice family photo and at some point maybe that will happen. Griffin is sleeping and Julia is watching the TV we forgot to turn off. This is only the second picture ever of all five -- six, Finn partially made the shot -- of us. We don't shower regularly so there aren't many opportunities! As you can see, they never come out too well anyway. Getting three infants to smile on cue is not realistic. We'll just keep trying. I think we took another one on Easter, so I'll post that one once I grab it from my Mom's camera. But enough about that.... drum roll, please.... Julia now has two teeth. She's also starting to try to crawl. Honestly, she's a complete wild woman and so funny to watch. She's flipping over whenever she feels like it and getting herself stuck more than she'd like. We find her all over her crib. Braddock isn't interested in rolling over at all. He'll do it if forced but he's very content to grab things and kick and wiggle without rolling. He laughs all the time, so I'm guessing he is telling some really great jokes we just don't understand yet. Griffin does some kind of commando-type shimmy from his back that gets him across the floor in no time. In the past week or so, he's becoming a bit of a wild man, too. He wants to talk and scream and just loves to move. Last weekend he and Braddock had a full conversation for close to ten minutes. They were holding hands, smiling and babbling to their hearts' content. It was so cute; it made me cry. Braddock's feet are also looking just perfect which thrills us. The little adventures we've had recently have been fun, too. We went to Home Depot and the woman who was helping us was also a mother of triplet boys (2 1/2 years old). They were also born in Morristown and will be at the NICU alumni picnic. We can't wait to go to that next September.
Today is our 2nd anniversary. So much has happened to Bill and I that it seems hard to believe it's only been two years. How lucky I am to have been so blessed with such a great partner in this journey.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breaking News.....

Miss Julia Frances DiMasi has one tooth! No pictures yet as it's barely breaking through but I'll give her tooth the attention it deserves. And just like that, she's one step closer to growing up (her mother says while weeping). At least all that drooling was for a good reason. Bring on the other 19! The tooth fairy better start saving.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

A day in the park

Here we are at the park. Our very first visit. My friend called us and said she was bringing her kids, saying her daughter (same age as our little ones) was big enough and loves the baby swings. Now, I don't get to parks for children much because before now I had no interest in children or their parks. But now I'm a Mom and it's time to take my kids out of the house to introduce them to the world. So we got there before my friend, and I quickly looked around. I see the orange swing which sort of looked like a car seat. I assume this is the baby swing. I thought it was really big and wondered how my friend's daughter could possibly fit into this swing. But I'm sure this has to be the baby swing. So I walk right over -- no easy task with a stroller bigger than the whole park --and put Julia right in. You'd think I would have known that this is NOT a baby swing just by looking at it's size compared to Julia's size. It only took a second before I looked around further and found what were actually the baby swings. Luckily my friend never saw my faux pas. I have since learned that this swing is for a child with special needs, which makes complete sense, and I'm glad parks have come such a long way since I was a child. There were a few people there when we were and I can only imagine what they were thinking as I placed a tiny baby in a HUGE swing. You live and learn, right?
Everybody really liked the swings once we found them and we will go back very soon. We've taken lots of really cute pictures and I intend to post them very soon. Teething is happening for all three right now. No teeth yet but all the signs are there. I guess it's a race to see who gets the first tooth. They are a little cranky but nothing too tough to handle. We're working very hard on rolling over and sitting up. Our new playroom floor is such a great place for them to practice all their new tricks.
Nap time over. More pictures soon...