Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sickness be gone

We've all been sick. I had no idea how hard it would be to have three sick babies at once. I mean NO IDEA. These poor kids just had colds, but it was the first time and my God were we worn out. Grandpa also broke his ankle so we're really a complete mess!! He's getting his cast put on today hopefully and has been a real trooper. What's next, right?

If someone told me that you had to hold babies while sitting up all night to get them to sleep when they are sick, I might have at least been prepared for what was to come. It started with me, then Braddock, then Julia, then Griffin, then Gram, then Daddy. Grandpa was spared but he got the ankle so we'll call him affected, too. Oh, it was so sad to watch them unable to breathe from their noses but unaware that it was easy to breathe from their mouths. And the tears seemed endless. And let's face it, it was just a cold. I do NOT look forward to our next ailment. Griffin has had a more difficult time getting better, and he now has a nebulizer that he uses every four hours to help his lungs out. They aren't calling it asthma just yet but we were told it is pretty common for preemies who had oxygen for the time he did, so we're ready for it. Poor little dude was wheezing. Awful... the whole sick thing is awful and I'm glad it took a year to find out how awful.

But we all seem to be recovering now. My cough is finally gone away for the most part. Summer seems just about over here. We missed the last week at the pool and had to cancel two play dates with the same friend. So we're ready for a new season. I LOVE the fall and I am really excited for the leaves to change and the crisp air to come in. We'll have to decide what cute things they can be for Halloween very soon. If only I could sew!