Monday, March 30, 2009

Babies going green

(From top: Griffin, Julia and Braddock)

The results for the avocados are in. Did they like them? Not so much. The picture I'm not showing is of me with the green on my face. I will shamelessly admit that I ate much more than they did because I happened to think my culinary attempt was delicious! Shame on these babies for not having mature taste buds. Sweet potatoes are still the favorite. Avocados are so easy to make, no baking or steaming involved. I have several more that I'll be making guacamole with. I bought enough for a family of 10 babies. So far no food allergies or reactions. We're going to move on to carrots or butternut squash next. This summer will be more fun once the farmer's market opens. We have some great markets around us with lots of great organic produce from local farms.
We had a very busy week last week. On Wednesday, we went for the first time back to the hospital where they were born for their first NICU follow-up, and I'm thrilled to report that everyone is doing perfectly well. The nurses, doctors and physical therapists were pleased with their adjusted age progress. They did stress to us the need to evaluate everything at their adjusted age (4.75 months). For preemies, we'll use that age for a full two years. We'll still have their first birthday bash when they turn one, but we know they are really only a little over nine months old at that point. It's kind of like the first few days of daylight savings time where you're always reminding yourself it's really an hour earlier.
Julia may be walking by then because she never quits. She's just bored to sit around when there's so much to see and do. Whoever wonders if boys and girls are really that different just needs to come to our house for a few hours. From the minute they were born, they are like night and day. If I'd had them the conventional way and Julia was first, I would definitely think there was something off about the boys. They just take their time with everything. She's moved on to the next thing before they even realize there is a thing.
They are getting so cute now and everything around them is exciting. We're working on rolling over and sitting up. Braddock sees the doctor Wednesday about his feet. It's been a month since our last visit and they still look great. He manages to get out of his shoes like Houdini and I can't for the life of me figure out how he's doing it. I put them on and look over as we're playing...they're off. Maybe Griffin is unbuckling them when I'm not looking. I'm hoping that the doctor is as happy with the progress as she was a month ago.
We also went to the park with our neighbor last week. I have pictures I will post in a few days. They loved the baby swings!
Beyond that all is well. Happy and Healthy so I haven't a complaint in this world. If anyone out there has a great solution for diaper rash, I'd love to hear about it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our new playroom

We lost our dining room last week, but it was all for a good cause. We've got a playroom now! Our living room was overrun with all things baby. I was literally tripping every time I tried to walk anywhere. I looked in the dining room and realized that we haven't really sat down for dinner since sometime in our pre-baby life, so it was time to store the set in the basement. The floor arrived Thursday and by Sunday, everything was set up. I can't imagine why we waited so long. What a great place for us. I have pack and plays for nap time, a glider for rocking and all our assorted jumper/saucers for playtime. I never thought I'd get so excited about a playroom, but I really can't calm down about it.
We've moved from baby oatmeal to sweet potatoes. Julia and Griffin weren't really on board with the oatmeal but once I broke out the sweet potatoes, they were ready for more. Braddock isn't wild about the new taste. He was satisfied with oatmeal all the time. The potatoes were really easy to make, and quite tasty -- if I do say so myself. We started with the sweet potatoes because from everything I read, you really can't top them as far as baby nutrition goes. I guess the next closest thing is a raw carrot. Now, I'm not a genius but I even I know I can't give them raw carrots just yet. Next up on the food roster is an avocado. This is really easy to make because I don't even have to steam or bake it before it's pureed. From there, I just can't decide. Maybe green beans, maybe squash. I'm holding out on the bananas and apples because they are nice and sweet. They'll like it too much to revert to the savory. It's such a fun game, picking foods to let them experience!
We have no teeth yet but there is some unexplained crankiness, so I think they are on their way. Everybody is back to sleeping through the night (thank you, God) with the exception of an occasional need for a pacifier. I can't be sure what they want exactly but they usually go right back to sleep, so I won't wonder for too long. It's Julia nine times out of ten that wakes up. She just likes to say hello and then go back to sleep. She's so busy all the time even when she's sleeping. She cries out. I come into the room. She smiles so big, so relieved I came to see her, and then she falls back asleep. It's actually pretty cute even when I'm really tired.
We've got two naps a day worked into the schedule now. Try as I do to get them to all go down at the same time, I'm usually not successful. This morning was the best yet. All three slept an hour. Julia kept sleeping but the boys were looking to play. I'll keep working on it but I can't blame the one holdout. Scheduling three individuals to do things at the same time is asking quite a bit from such little people. They are very cooperative most of the time, so I am not complaining.
At the pediatrician's appointment last week Braddock was 16 lbs 8 oz. Griffin was 16 lb 4 oz and Julia was 14 lb 8 oz. The doctor was thrilled with their weights. They are all healthy and growing which is about the greatest thing we could ever ask for.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bring your children to work day

We had a big outing Wednesday! Griffin, Braddock, Julia and I went to visit Daddy/Bill at work. Everyone was so excited to FINALLY meet these babies they'd been rooting for, following on the blog, and hearing so much about, so off we went. The dressing process was quite extensive and it actually took three people a full hour to get all three fed, changed and dressed properly for a day at the office! (more like an hour) Julia wore a fantastic spring dress and the

Once all three we snugly packed in the car, we started the journey. They made not a peep the entire drive. When we arrived, Bill met us outside and we snapped our seats in the stroller, grabbed the diaper bags and went inside. I was so happy to show everyone who has been so supportive of us, these happy babies. One problem: They cried the whole time!!! Griffin's lip started quivering as the all the excited faces peered into the stroller. I tried to talk to him but he was apprehensive about all the attention. Then Julia became uneasy. She wants to sit up all the time now, and I think she was frustrated that she was strapped in and unable to show off her skills. She started to wail. Braddock seemed relaxed for awhile but hearing his brother and sister shrieking was more than he could bear. Luckily we had lots of loving hands to help us. All three saw the magical snowman light up in Don's office (Bill's boss) and that seemed to do the trick -- at least temporarily. We don't venture out much, so new faces are probably a bit overwhelming. We plan on going back again and we'll hope for smoother sailing.

They slept in the car the whole way home and took another nap later in the afternoon. It was such a big day for them. I guess all that crying wore them out! We are sorry to all the people trying to get some work done for disrupting their morning. I swear we didn't know that would happen.

I'll get some updated weights and measurements from the doctor today which is always exciting.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Three Lucky Charms

We wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Time for our baby oatmeal which Julia now eats sitting up. I think Braddock and Griffin will be shaving soon... they are just growing too fast.

May all the luck of the Irish be with you today!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Braddock has his say

Braddock wanted his moment to speak. Actually, he's nonstop babbling and yelling. He loves his voice. He was really the last of the three to use it but he's now the loudest. He thinks everything is funny and he smiles quite a bit. He has adapted to his shoes but is thrilled when we take them off to give him a bath. The doctor said his feet are perfect and she's thrilled that the tendon hasn't tightened up yet. We don't have to go back for a month!

Julia -- drum roll, please -- rolled over on Sunday (back to front) and for the sad news: nobody saw it. Grandma and Grandpa said they looked and she was trying, turned to Braddock or Griffin, looked back and she'd finally done it. It was sad that no one clapped or cheered. She hasn't repeated yet, so maybe it was just a fluke. We'll capture that soon.

Griffin wants his chance to tell you what he knows, but he's more like Sean Penn when it comes to paparazzi. Hates the camera in his face and refuses to talk to me then. I'll keep working on it. I told him he's next.

Otherwise, all is well here. Their new weights are in: Julia 14 pounds 3 oz, Griffin 15 lbs 8 oz and, the big man, Braddock, 16 pounds 4 oz. We went to the pediatrician last Friday and they couldn't believe the size of them. I can't figure out how it's happening so fast.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Julia says Hi

Julia asked us to make this video to speak with all her friends. She's such a social little thing! She and her brothers had their first taste of food this afternoon. Griffin was the most excited about it. He smiled with each taste. We go to the doctor on Friday so we'll get some updated weights. Julia has mastered rolling three-quarters of the way over. Griffin is very close, too. Braddock got his casts off and his new shoes on. The shoes are so cute. He completely hated them at first but now he seems to have adjusted. He'll have abs of steel because the bar connecting the shoes is pretty heavy. He lifts his legs like it's nothing now. We'll have video of the boys saying hello later this week.