Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Shoes

Braddock's new Skidders from Uncle Jack & Aunt Pat!
Griffin's new Skidders

Julia's new Skidders -- Mary Janes no less. So cute.

Bath time = the happiest kids in America!

I hit a new low. I admit it. I'll even tell you what happened. It's lunch time -- or breakfast -- or dinner for that matter-- who could know which meal? They all run together after awhile. Point is: The kids are eating and as I put the spoon into Julia's mouth, she instantly spit it out as fast as it went in. Not sure the reason for the rejection. But that's when it happened. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed the morsel as it was being spit out, and I ate it. A second later, I realized what I had done. Like a ton of bricks it hit me: I've sunk and there's no going back. You can't undo that kind of thing. I looked around to make sure the kids weren't staring at me in horror because you just never know how the sight of their mother behaving like an animal could scar a child. Nobody seemed to notice. So we'll just move forward and pretend that didn't happen.

Anyway, we have to get the kids' one year blood work done. It should already be done but I've avoided it out of compassion. In fact, I avoided it so long, I lost the lab paperwork. So I schlepped into the pediatrician's office to ask them to fill it all out again, admitting what a disaster I am. They are really kind at the office and willingly gave me new slips assuring me I wasn't the only one. So that's first on my list for next week. I hope they'll forgive me by next Friday. I hate doing it myself, so I can't imagine how three little ones will react to a needle being stuck in their arm that has to remain steady long enough to draw a vial for testing. They wiggle in protest when I try to change their diaper. I'll let you know how it turns out.
These are the most recent pictures. I swear to you they grow overnight and they look a little more big kid-ish every minute. They got the cutest new shoes in the mail this week and they LOVE wearing them. We have all hardwood and tile so the grips on the soles are so awesome. Thanks so much to Aunt Pat and Uncle Jack. I'll be whipping up some of the fancy cupcakes from the book they sent soon, too. It looks complicated but the book says it's so easy even a monkey can do it. Gram's birthday is rapidly approaching so I'll post pictures of my first attempt.
Off and running on this Friday morning. Hot Yoga starts tonight for me and I'm looking forward to it like I'm heading to the Caribbean for a week. Oh how life changes....
Enjoy the winter weekend!